We are developing a new therapy for patients with ectopic mineralization disorders

Haltex Therapeutics is a collaboration of public and private parties, with the goal to develop a therapy for patients with ectopic mineralization disorders. At Haltex we believe that everyone should have access to the treatment and therefore we combine the strengths of doctors, hospitals, investors, pharmaceutical companies and experts.

Pseudoxanthoma elasticum

Pseudoxanthoma Elasticum (PXE) is a hereditary ectopic mineralization disorder in which calcifications occur in various connective tissues due to a defect in the ABCC6 gene. Due to this gene defect, a certain substance cannot be properly transported from the liver to the bloodstream. As a result, elastic tissues in the skin, eyes and blood vessels are susceptible to the accelerated calcifications that occur. The severity differs per patient. Because the condition is rare, PXE often goes unrecognized.

A new purpose for an old drug

Drug repurposing – exploring the potential uses of a known compound beyond its original indication – is a proven approach that involves less risk, time and costs to bring a drug to the marketplace.

By repurposing Etidronate disodium – a stable PPi analogue – we could stop the progression of ectopic calcification in PXE patients.

Our Values


We believe in the power of bringing together leaders from different backgrounds to optimise performance.

Patient impact

We are driven by the patient’s needs to create safe, effective, and affordable therapies that improve their quality of life.


Our social business model is led by transparency towards and from all the stakeholders in the drug repurposing process.

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